Monday, April 06, 2009

I Want to Expand

There are some things I want to get that aren't sold in every day craft stores, so I need to stop spending money in every day craft stores so I can mail order for what I really need. Since I can't seem to stay focused I'm writing the list here:
1. Round and square button making machines.
2. Slabs of handcarved stamp material. Because shipping is high it's cheaper to order 2 squares at once, which will run me about $40.
3. Silk and dye from Dharma Trading Co.
4. Rubber stamps of my own design.
5. Fabric with my own art from Spoonflower.
6. Hat making supplies from a Milliner.
7. Chainmaile rings.
8. Kiln for copper enameling and supplies.
9. Steampunk supplies, i.e. watch parts, widgets,copper
10. Equipment to do lost wax casting.
11. Kiln for pottery
12. Kick wheel
13. Silkscreen Ink
14. A new video camera so I can make more Youtube tutorials.

As you can see that's quite the list, and I'll never have the money to expand if I don't stop spending it at Michael's and Joann's.

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