Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Times in San Luis Obispo, CA

Yesterday I bebopped around San Luis Obispo and went to the 25% off everything sale at Beverly's. I got more beads for the barrettes I'm designing and I got some drawing supplies so I could start working on celebrity drawings. I grabbed lunch with my daughter on her break between jobs. Then I worked on the knitted magenta scarf. I decided to add a medium green to it, and then another shade of pink.

Then I caught not one but 2 movies. I saw 17 Again, which was very funny. I usually don't like stupid teenage comedies, but that one was so well done. Then I saw that Russell Crowe movie with Play in it. I thought I followed the storyline till it took a twist at the end and lost me. Then again it was after midnight and my brain had turned to mush.

Now it's morning. And my throat is a little sore. But off I go again.

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