Monday, July 31, 2006

Project rescue

About once every two weeks, or once a month, it's good to do a 'project rescue'. What, you may ask, is a project rescue? It's when you open your closet, drawer, or desk, and fish out a project you started but forgot to finish. This can be a novel you started, a dress that still needs sleeves, or a quilt that needs the finishing touches put on it. In some cases the project will be a lost cause, like a suit you started so long ago it will never fit you and it's hopelessly out of style, or the baby booties you were making for your pregnant sister, only now her baby is 15. If it is really too far gone, salvage it for useful bits, and toss the rest. That way you won't keep running across it every other month and feel bad about it all over again. In some cases, you've just gotten so much better at knitting or painting or ceramics, that you'd be better off making something from scratch than finishing the old thing. It frees up your energy to get rid of the old project.
Or if sorting is too painful, just put it in the donate box and maybe someone else can benefit from your 50% finished embroidery kit.

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