Thursday, July 27, 2006


Findings are all those little doo-dads you need to finish your jewelry and make it look professional. Here are a few that are indespensible:
1. Crimp beads and crimp tubes. These look like ordinary non-descript beads. You thread your ends through them, then through the clasp, then back through the crimp bead. Then you crimp it down (smash it) with needle nose plyers and it holds all the loose ends together. Trim the excess or thread it back through the beadwork to secure.
2. Clasps: There are many kinds but I prefer 'lobster claws'.3. Spacer beads. These feel in the gaps between different sizes of beads.
4. 3 to1 connectors. These take a wide piece of beadwork and narrow it down so you can put a clasp on it.
5. Spring rings. These have a little loop and are part of the clasp.
6. Tube bead with dangle loop. Have you ever tried stringing a pendant bead straight onto the thread and it hangs in the wrong direction? This little piece solves that dilemma.

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