Thursday, July 06, 2006

Loom Beading

Today I'm relearning loom beading. This page has been helpful in designing:
especially since my friend taught me how to do a screen capture and save it to my paint program and print it out.
My first design is a skull choker that will say "Dead Men Tell No Tales" to commemorate the release of Pirates of the Carribean 2 tonight. I'm going to go see it at a special showing tonight at midnight.
I started the beadwork last night but I made some mistakes and started over with a better chart.
I'm using size 10 Czech seed beads and a big eye needle. I prepared the loom with D beading thread and I am using B thread for the beadwork. Those recommendations were given to me by the clerk at the Indian Store and they seem to be working very well.
In the past I've had poor results with uneven beads, so now I'm careful to discard any lumpy beads. I can use them for other projects that don't require so much accuracy to look right.

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