Saturday, January 25, 2014

Project Update: Nalebinding and Knitting

It doesn't seem like winter. Look at this beautiful sunset.
A bunch of photos had piled up on my camera, so I thought I'd post the craft related ones and talk about what I'm doing in each one.
Knitting a gray teddy bear. So far I have the head shape done and I'm working on knitting the body.

Before I moved here, I was trying to learn Nalebinding  but I lost the needle I had made. So I tried to make a new one out of wood from the yard. The one on the right had a very soft pith in the center so I couldn't make the tip sturdy. So I gave up on it and made the one on the left. I may have to make the eye bigger. The dots are where tiny branches used to be. I need to sand it a bit more and put a finish on it. Then I'll try to learn nalebinding again.

Writing in my journal is something I try to do daily. See the tree behind me on the right? I think the wood for the nalebinding needle is from that tree, but I don't know what kind of tree it is. The wood is quite hard.

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