Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ontario Hills Mall

I knew I was going to be at a mall today for about five hours so I took projects with me. I sat down, looking forward to working on my crochet hexagons, and realized I didn't bring the crochet, just the knitting. Nothing to do for it, so when I got tired of walking around the entire perimeter of Ontario Mills Mall, I sat down and knitted for about an hour. I also took some cross-stitch but my eyes were so tired from reading all the way to Ontario, that I didn't even bother with the embroidery. At least I got my daily reading done and it was good to get away from the computer and do other things. I don't think I've been in a mall in a year, and I found it very entertaining. Here are some photos:

Animal Legs Barstools
Giant Butterfly

Beautiful butterfly

Rainforest Cafe
Pin-up Bootique. Fabulous.
Forever 21
Giant Grapes

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