Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Bit of Crochet

I had a super busy day today. Somehow I squeezed in some crochet while being driven to and from the grocery stores. I'm not sure how far ahead I got because I had to frog some of it. Each hexagon has five rounds. I can't quite remember every round, so I have to keep referring to the book, which is difficult while sitting in a car and balancing a crochet hook and little motifs. Challenging but not impossible.

Seems every other day is a different temperature. Today I dressed for cool weather and melted all day.

We also made chicken noodle soup from scratch. I haven't even had any yet, because our friends came over and wanted to go out to dinner instead. They'd been looking forward to a particular restaurant all day so how could we say no? At least my boyfriend can take some to work with him tomorrow and I can have some for lunch.

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