Friday, January 31, 2014

Draw a Little, Knit a Little

I woke up at 5 AM with rain hitting my bedroom window. So it's been an indoor craft day. I took my sketchbook to Cafe 247 and drew for awhile. I'm trying to find a comfortable place to draw away from home. The library would work but it is closed on Friday.

The last decent drawing I did was a few days ago, so I'll post those photos.

My other big project right now is this shawl thing I'm knitting, but I can't decide if it is a headscarf or a full sized shawl or what. If I make it much bigger I'll need to get another circular needle so I have enough room for all the stitches to stretch out.
Feather Art by Fayme Harper ©2014

Feather Art by Fayme Harper ©2014

Knitting a shawl.

Quail in my front yard.
Don't ask me why, but my blogger photos are coming out in funky dimensions. If they don't look right, click on them to see the original photos in a separate window.

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