Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter is On the Horizon

Today while unpacking and organizing stuff, I found some wooden snowflakes I can paint up for Christmas ornaments.  I'm thinking maybe some opalescent glitter.  This will be my first Christmas/Yule at the new house.

I also found some granny squares that I need to join together for a lap throw. I never needed one before but it's so chilly even with the wood stove burning.  We had snow on the nearby hills the other morning.

We had a 2 day windstorm with gusts up to 50 mph and some of my jewelry gourds and bigger gourds blew all over the place. Finding them all is like a weird version of an Easter egg hunt. Maybe some of them will go to seed and I'll have gourds next spring.  That would be nice.

We assembled the wood shelves that used to be in our garage and set them up between the two containers to make a nice work and classroom area. I hope to have some gourd craft classes soon. We are going to put shade cloth as a roof between the two containers.

We have a clothesline now which will come in very handy for dyeing things and hanging them up to dry. I hope to plant a dyers garden this spring. I'm happy to read that you can use eucalyptus leaves and bark for dyeing and I have two of the trees in my yard, each a different variety. So as soon as we get unpacked I want to start dyeing roving and yarn and silk. Fun, fun, fun.

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