Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photos From My New Life

Saturday morning self portrait
 Since I have dial-up at home I haven't been able to share many photos. My computer won't open Blogger most of the time, much less stay connected well enough for me to post photos.  Right now I'm at the library  learning to use a remote flashdrive. Pretty nifty.

Over the weekend we had a severe windstorm which lifted up a corner of the roofing material. So they are supposed to come out today and fix it before the next windstorm.  Guy climbed on the truck and put firewood on the corner of the roof to hold it down.  It is calm now so hopefully they'll get it fixed today.
Guy splitting wood.

Wallop enjoying a rare moment outside.

Fayme and Guy

Splendid skyline

Picturesque Woodpile

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