Monday, April 23, 2012

Making a Long Bow

My shoe full of foxtails.

Guy using a hatchet to rough out a bow.

Sunset in the Arroyo Seco

Ken teaches a boy to make a board bow.

Silhouette of the setting sun.

Maze of branches
Good afternoon everyone. We just got back from the archery store getting more feathers for some children's arrows.

I spent yesterday in the Arroyo Seco under the beautiful sycamore trees with the archery group from Paleoplanet. Amanda and Marilyn from the SCA were there shooting too, so we got to talk a bit between rounds. It's nice to see a mother and daughter archery team.

We do have a loaner tool bucket, but we were overrun with people wanting to make bows so they had to take turns. Now if only we could just get them to put the tools back in the bucket when they are done. The best way to do it is to buy your own spoke shave, some scrapers and a half round rasp.  Then not only do you not have to borrow the used and abused tools, but you won't have to wait in line to get your hand on a rasp. And then once you go home you can keep working on your bow. You won't have to wait another month for us to have another meeting.

And if you have old tools feel free to donate them to the loaner bucket. I think all the ones in there came from Ken. Poor guy shouldn't have to buy all our tools.

Hopefully Guy Taylor will be teaching arrow making in Fullerton real soon for all our new archers. If you want in on that be sure to email him at Greenman Archery. (greenmanarchery at gmail dot com). I don't know the prices yet. Partly it depends on how many people are interested.

Archers at Chamberlain Ranch Shoot 2012

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