Friday, April 20, 2012

Make a Gourd Planter for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd take an old gourd that I should have used long ago, and turn it into a gourd planter. I got the idea from the Welburn Gourd Farm website, only instead of paint, I decided to add a design with my wood burner. And mine is going to be a hanging planter. It did have a pretty bad crack which I filled with a gap filling glue, so once that dries I can proceed. I should be able to finish it in plenty of time for Earth Day and post a photo of it for you.

I also recycled some cans.  On the way I spotted a yard sale.  I was able to pick up a glass bowl full of tumbled glass to use in my mosaics for $1. So that's something else I kept out of the landfill. It may be sea glass but I suspect it's just tumbled glass. The seller didn't know.

What are you doing for Earth Day?

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