Friday, April 27, 2012

Cleaning Day

A handyman is coming over tomorrow to see what repair work the new owner wants done inside the apartment. So my art schedule flew out the window so I could clean. Yesterday we were also out of town most of the day picking up the truck from the mechanic and delivering merchandise. Tomorrow isn't looking good either because the repairman will be here. We don't know if they are starting right away or just making notes. It could be over in an hour.  As the saving goes, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

I am working on many projects though. I'm crocheting some granny squares out of scrap yarn. I've been really good about not buying any new yarn. I want to use up all I have first, which could take years. But if we have to move, I'm scared I'll lose everything, so I'm using it while I still can. I have a snood that is almost finished. I have a vest that is knitted that's almost done too. It won't do me much good in the heat of summer so I need to get done with it. Taking a day off won't kill me. It will just make it more fun tomorrow.

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