Thursday, September 01, 2011

An Apple a Day?

The Dr. sent me home with antibiotics, and hopefully with a little more rest I'll be able to get back to one of the things I love most, which is making things. I've been working a bit on the fabric wedding journal.  The idea of making little flat pillows is very charming to me. And I want to make a long banner. At first I was going to do 'pigglewiggins' but that's a long name and I'm not sure people could read it.  Then I thought maybe I'd spell out artist. It will be a vertical banner.  Now I'm more leaning on 'welcome'. I'd like to get some velvet for part of it. I don't buy velvet often but now and then I need it.

I haven't decided what kind of paper I want to put inside it yet. But it's going to have to be twice as wide as the journal so I can fold it in half.

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