Saturday, September 17, 2011

More quilting, beading and sewing.

I'm back from my two day mini-vacation. I got to work on my quilting blocks. I got three new ones cut out.
And I got to work on the brick stitch feather earring. By the time my beads get here next Tuesday, I should have all the bugs worked out of the pattern and then I can make a new pair with the Delica beads.

My boyfriend asked me to sew 2 shirts for him for an upcoming SCA war. I have enough on my plate but he puts a roof over my head so how could I say no? He's running out of time to do it himself and he's not sure he has the skills, and he was about to hire someone. But spending money isn't making money, so I should do it. I just hope they fit when I'm done because I'd hate to waste his material and that would definitely not save us any money.

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