Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lots of Crafts For a Busy Weekend

I have a plethora of creative projects going right now. Yesterday I swung by a sale at Joanns and got fat quarters for my quilt.  I got panne velvet for my fabric banners and journals.  I got more embroidery floss and pearl cotton. And I got new blades for my rotary cutter because it was skipping a lot. Whew.

I still need one more color for the quilt so I hope to get over to M&L Fabrics today. I need a deep blue green. If you can see the swatch photo you'll see the blues I'm talking about.  The rest of the colors I either had or picked up yesterday.

Then I have my wardrobe project going in red, pink and gray.

I also started a new photography account on Flickr for my photography portfolio. I already had one that I posted everything under the sun into, but I found people didn't respect me as a photographer, only as that girl that took cool snapshots. It will be more work but it will pay off in the long run. You can check that out here:

All this and working as a freelance writer on the Internet is keeping me hopping.

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