Monday, September 05, 2011

Another Day of Patchwork

It was Labor Day and I had no plans. It rained over night, so it was cooler but very humid today.  I spent the whole day working on my Gratitude patchwork blocks for my quilt. Even so, I only got the pieces for 2 blocks cut out, and half of one block sewn together. Patchwork certainly is time consuming, especially when I sew the wrong parts together and then have to use the seam ripper.  It's kind of like playing Rubik's cube on steroids.  I can swear I have the pieces the right way around, then once they are fitted together my mistakes jump out at me. Ack! It is trying my patience.  It will be worth it in the long run though.  The Fish Tales block is one of the more complicated ones. If I can finish that I should be able to sail through most of the others.

Tomorrow I'll need to work on the wedding journal or it won't be done in time for my friend's wedding. So if you were interested in that project, stay tuned.

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