Thursday, February 03, 2011

Plants, Crafts, and Life

I'm about to work on my Fair Isle Knitted Tam today as soon as I can get myself off the computer. What a time suck the Internet is.

I also got the rest of the gourds washed.  Most will be turned into dolls I hope. So many projects so little time. It's almost noon and I haven't even had breakfast yet.

I need to spend more time doing and less time thinking about doing. We had a cold snap last night. Neither of us have been sleeping very well. Night before last we had a windstorm that broke my donkey tail succulent that I inherited from Guy's grandmother. I was so sad about that. I repotted it the best I could, but winter is the worst time of year to transplant a succulent. Those plants are so fragile, I never repot them unless absolutely necessary. The poor thing was planted in pure sand, so it's a wonder it lived at all. But as the saying goes, if it's not broken don't fix it, so I left it the way it was.  Now I had no choice but to repot, as the clay pot had broken in half.  When I can, I'll macrame' a decent plant hanger for it. Before it had plastic hangers which become brittle with age. For all I know it's been in that pot for 20 years.

And some where in the middle of all this, I still want to paint today.  Actually I wanted to paint 3 days ago and haven't gotten around to it yet.  Oh and spinning. I'd like to do some spinning on my drop spindle.

I'm tired just thinking about all this stuff. How do people manage to get 20 things a day listed on Etsy? I just can't do it.

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