Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Journal, Sasparilla, and Tourist Coin Charm Bracelet

Two days ago I got a composition style book, and decoupaged the front and back with food photos to make a food journal or diary. So far so good. The first day I wrote everything I ate down. The second day I couldn't find the food journal.  Now where has that silly thing gotten off to?

I did have something unusual today. I got a season's pass for Knott's Berry Farm and at the Calico Saloon I had some Sarsaparilla

For a long time I've wanted to make a bracelet out of those copper pennies that are stretched and then imprinted with a design at tourist spots.  Well I've hit the mother lode because Knott's has those little machines all over the place. I think I'll get one each time I go. Today I got snoopy on a heart since Valentine's day is coming up. If I can find the other ones I've bought over the years it will make a very cool charm bracelet. I know I got some in Hollywood and other spots.

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