Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Great Paleoplanet meeting

Staying warm on a chilly morning.

Our group has 2 new babies. This is Quincy and dad.

This is Jack and Mom

Making a longbow

Tom and Guy work on a bow.
With great delight we got to go to the Paleoplanet gathering today in Pasadena.  The day looked like it could rain at times but never did.
While there I worked on my needle punch, which people were curious about. I also worked on my peyote stitch bracelet some more. And I worked on my little whittled rooster and started making progress on the head and wattle. I practiced making the curved bits for the tail feather on a piece of scrap wood. Tom said I could keep the book, which is good because I have to constantly refer back to the directions, at least for this first one.

Most people worked on bows, which kept them warm on a chilly day. Guy had arrows to deliver as usual. He brought Chris' arrows but Chris (from Paleoarts) didn't make it up from San Diego. Maybe next time.  Tom Mills dropped by for an hour or so. He just got back from Florida. I heard that  700 flights got canceled because of bad weather so I'm glad he got back to CA without a delay.

James was there too. He got to take his mother, who is from England, to see Cher in Vegas and they even had backstage passes so they got to go backstage and talk to her.

Now that I'm home I've been working on a logo for Greenman Archery. I think we have the banner done and now I'm making one to go on stickers. I'm tired now, so I think I'll just relax and play a few computer games.

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