Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Needle Punch is Not a Drink

For my birthday I ordered myself some fancy fibers for needle punch. Both the companies I ordered from are on vacation, so I won't get my present for a while. But I did ferret out my needle punch kit and started finishing a long overdue project of a little girl flying a red kite.  I had some trouble with the hoop. It doesn't fit anymore because the nap of the stitches is puffy.  So I need to get a bigger hoop. So since I couldn't work on that  project, I started a new one w/ a blue dragonfly. I'm a bit mystified that the needle threader that came with the needle punch isn't big enough to go through the needle punch loop. I can still do the stitches without threading it through, but the thread is in my way if I do that. Kind of a design flaw there. I need to find my old threaders because they actually worked.

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