Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent Calendar and Snood

I finished the tutorial for the snood today and got it posted to youtube.  I'm still struggling with the Advent calendar. I worked on videos for over 8 hours today and only got the one finished. On the Advent calendar I still have to sew on 14 of the pockets and add the numbers and the hanger. But I can't neglect the rest of my life.

About 5:30 PM my daughter called from the hospital. She's expecting to have her baby just after midnight on the very day I predicted she'd give birth. I thought she'd be excited about me predicting the birthdate, but she doesn't even remember. I put a star on my calendar on that day and my boyfriend remembers me saying Dec. 3rd would be the big day. Just yesterday I told my daughter I wish I was there, and she said come on up. And I said, "If you go into labor you'll already have a house full of people and no room for me.  She laughed and said it could be a month before the baby comes.  He wasn't due until Dec. 7.  But I told her a few days ago that he'd be showing up in a few days. But now I wish I had gone, even if I had to sleep on the lawn. The problem with trains is you can't grab one at 10 PM at night.

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