Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tall Mouse 90% off Sale Today in Cerritos

We went back to Tall Mouse this morning for the 90% off sale. I spent another $50. But I bought several bolts of upholstery trim for my Steampunk belly dancing costume, 2 flag poles, a bunch of tile and grout, some heart shaped nailheads, more feathers, and lots of beads. It was a bit of a zoo this morning. One of the ladies that ran in right before us grabbed a shopping cart and blocked the whole row that had the feathers as she shoveled spools of wired ribbon into her cart.  She had so much stuff they gave her her own designated checker. She rolled her cart out the door piled about 4' higher than the top with fake poinsettias, all of which tumbled off when she went down the sidewalk ramp. I helped her scoop them up, and she said she still had 18 more bags of stuff inside. And these were big giant bags. She said she spent $400 and I believe it.

I was determined to buy whatever yarn they had left today and they only had 2 skeins. Yesterday they had about 20 and I didn't get any. Wish I had but what can you do? And I wanted to get more packs of that scrapbooking paper but it was gone too. Even still I filled my basket until it was almost two heavy to lift, plus the 2 flagpoles.

Thursday is the $5 per bag sale, but I doubt they'll have any inventory left worth going back for so I'm not planning to go back. Now I just have to figure out where to put all this stuff.

Not all the Tall Mouse stores are liquidating, just the one in Cerritos.

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