Saturday, May 08, 2010

Costa Mesa Gem Faire

Beads from the Gem Faire in Cosa Mesa CA
I was working on a wee bit of embroidery when my boyfriend came in and said he wanted to go to the Gem Faire in Costa Mesa, CA. The only bad part is I didn't plan to go and had no money saved up to buy anything. Torture!!! He bought some beads to hang on a quiver. I just fondled the beads longingly and sighed. It's still going on through the weekend and I have a free pass, but unless I find some money laying in the street it won't do me much good. And they did away with their free parking, so I'd have to pay another $5. to park. There were a lot of vendors selling seed beads this time. Sometimes I can't find many. So I was really sad to miss out.
I got to see some trilobite fossils, so that was pretty cool. And they had a giant Ligham stone at the same booth.
When we first got there it wasn't all that crowded, but by the time we left the crowd had at least doubled and those women were former roller derby stars I think. I was happy to escape. The ones with rolling suitcases were particularly dangerous. I had to do some evasive manuevers a few times.

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