Friday, May 28, 2010

Spoonflower Contest

If you haven't heard of Spoonflower, it's a site that lets you order your own art on fabric in small quantities. They have a variety of fabrics to choose from and you can get yardage or fat quarters or what have you. It's pricey, but haven't you always wanted to have your own art on fabric? I know I have. And you can get a sample square for a mere $5 plus shipping.

Yesterday I was on the Spoonflower site and saw that their recent competition was a tiki theme. I wish I'd known because I have some cool tiki carvings. So I checked the upcoming contests and they had robots, Renaissance, and Apron. So I entered something in each category.I didn't even think to check to see what the prizes are. I was just so excited to even enter it. You don't need to buy anything to enter the contest. You just have to upload your art and use their fabric generator button to see what your design looks like spread out over the yardage.

Even if you don't want to design your own fabric, at least hop over and vote on your favorite entry. It's a lot of fun to see if you picked the winner.

Here is the drawing from yesterday tweaked and turned into a fabric design.


ArtTales said...

how awesome is that!

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

They even have a doll category, so if you were to put a photograph of one of your dolls on fabric or a doll pattern they could cut out and sew, other doll lovers will see it.

ArtTales said...

no way! there are so many projects and ideas flashing through my mind right now :)))