Sunday, May 09, 2010

Busy Saturday and Pow Wow

I found myself unexpectedly at a PowWow yesterday over by China Town (LA). We had some great fry bread tacos with black beans. The vendors had amazing beadwork, feathers, skulls, drums and pouches for sale. So of course I didn't have any money to spend. What can I say...the Etsy market is really soft right now and I haven't sold anything in ages. I should focus on getting new items into my store. I really need to dig through my supplies for some turquoise because after yesterday I'm seriously jonesing for some turquoise earrings and I know I have some turquoise chips somewhere. I've seen that container recently too.

Tomorrow we need to go to the archery store to get more black feathers for a pending order. Arrows take about a dozen parts and we are always running out of one thing or another. We were in Arcadia yesterday chasing down transparent red nocks (thanks Sal) and we got those only to find out we were a few black feathers short.

If you want to go to the Pow Wow it continues through today.

The Orange County Fairgrounds still has the Gem Faire today as well.

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