Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peach Beaded Collar Necklace Revisited

This morning I did quite a bit of work on the peach beaded collar. I finished the beaded fringe which was very time consuming. I added buillion knots, fresh water pearls called potato beads,  disc shaped shell beads, and some green leaves to help balance out the green I used on the roses. It's coming along. I still have to design some sort of fastener. Maybe ribbons that tie or some sort of clasp. Then I have to sew on the liner. People that don't do beadwork no doubt have no idea how many hours go into these things. Then you put it on Etsy and they want to buy it for $20 or less, when even the parts cost more than that. It's going to be lovely though.

Detail of beads and embroidery.

Buillion Knot Roses and vintage silver beads.

Freshwater potato pearls at the top. Lace ribbon rose made from trim.

Every time I think I'm almost done I think of something else to add.

I'm glad I finally finished the beaded fringe.

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