Sunday, September 07, 2008

Making Terrariums

Even though I love houseplants, the cats I have destroy them. So I stopped having them years ago. Unless you count the ones in the aquarium. Then I realized the solution is terrariums, so my goal today is to get over to the .99 store and if they have some houseplants that look fresh, get some and set to work on making 3 terrariums using existing glass and plastic containers. I have one glass vase that has candles in it that is looking old and dusty. I have the container my hermit crab used to live in that is now clean and empty, though a bit scratched up. And I have some kimchi jars we had saved for recycling that I may 'borrow' from my bf. And it may be too far gone but there was a groudy glass jar in the back yard which may be usable after some scrubbing. Where to put the terrariums is a bigger issue than making them. I'm pretty much out of space here.

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