Friday, September 12, 2008

Collage We Think Too Much & Feel Too Little

Today I rolled out of bed and started straight away on finishing the collage. It is challenging to video and make art at the same time. Now I understand why art teachers so often just give away the demo piece to a student or don't sign their work, because you really can't do your best work while trying to talk and record at the same time. You'd need 6 hands and 2 brains.

The collage is drying right now. I am at a loss as to how to hang it. The wood is too thin to hammer a picture hanger into. And I'm not sure I trust a hanger fastened with glue. Any suggestions?

So while I'm finished with the collage, and I've gotten all the footage I need, it's still a long process to string all the bits together into a tutorial. So maybe that's a project for another day, as I still want to work on my book today and also on my patchwork square quilt. Even if I just sew one strip a day it will keep the energy alive. Forward progress and all that.

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