Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Epiphany earrings

I wanted to make some cluster earrings and I tried the good old trial and error method and stumbled upon a genius way to make holding on to earrings so much easier.

To start with I wanted to build the earrings on a piece of chain. I found one that used to be a long necklace, and I was just about to cut it into workable earring length bits when I had an epiphany. I hung the chain around my neck and started building the earring on the end of the chain. Usually when working with small earring components I drop them a lot. On my lap, on the table, on the ground. Those little bits are squirrely. But with the chain around my neck, I gradually built an earring on each end.

Then I realized that I had not only made a matching pair of cluster earrings, I'd also made a lariat necklace if I chose not to cut the chain. I actually think the chain is long enough to clip off the 2 earrings now and have enough left over to make a matching lariat necklace!

So I named the earrings Epiphany. And when I write a book, I'm definitely going to include this tip.

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