Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stay Calm and Crochet On

When my computer is taking its time uploading  photos, I work with my double ended crochet hook. I made some good progress. I like the bulky texture. I think it would make a great autumn vest or perhaps a mermaid baby blanket in greens and blues for the mermaid outfit I crocheted for my granddaughter.

There are some mistakes in my practice piece so I will probably make an envelope hat out of it.

Some tips: Do two rows in color A, then two in color B. Repeat. If you need to put the work down, always stop in the middle of the row. Otherwise, if you go to the end, its hard to tell what to do next.

Double Ended Crochet Hook

The resulting fabric is reversible, with color A prominent on one side and color B prominent on the other.

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