Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boomtown Steampunk Event

I'm volunteering at Boomtown this weekend. It is a Steampunk event in Apple Valley CA, right down the street from me. So much for my preconception that nothing worth going to happened out here!

So everything has been dropped so I can work on my Steampunk attire and put together at least 2 passable looks for this weekend. So I'm stealing from my pirate, my gypsy, and my clown costumes to make this thing work somehow. (Crossing fingers).

I turned my 'cro-knit' hat project into a waist cincher project for my wicked steampunk circus clown costume. I can visualize it. Let's see if I can make it work. I also have a black parasol from India, something my persona could have picked up while on an adventure to exotic lands.

My persona's name is Theodora Sterling. My career is a hypnotist. So now I really wish I knew where my pocketwatch is. It was hanging next to my computer when we moved from Anaheim.

And my tiger mini-tophat would come in handy but I don't know where that is either. I keep hoping my subconcious mine would whisper things to me and remind me where I put stuff.

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