Friday, May 18, 2012

Making Time to Draw

Sometimes I just need to get out of the house, go somewhere quiet, and gather my thoughts. And so it was I found my way to the patio at McDonalds. I had my camera, and as usual, photos that I struggled over and that I thought would be great subjects were only so-so, and yet other things that I didn't have much hope for came out in a way I really like. The sparrows were busy doing their thing.  I love the contrast of the red fence and the green foliage and the little bird with a mouthful of nesting materials. I was quite far away and zoomed way in, so I didn't think I'd get a decent shot.  It turns out it's my favorite.

I also spotted a bird's nest in the eves. I tried and tried to get a shot of the mother bird, but every time I moved my head, she'd fly away.  But at least you can see the hole were she was nesting.

And I drew this purple art.  I'm going to add some green eventually.

Bird Silouette

Self portrait

Sparrow Nest
Purple art

Purple drawing
New sunhat

I love this photo! I love the red against the green, the strong geometrics, the bird holding the twigs.  Love it.

My hand. If you don't know what to draw, you can always draw your hand.
Alien looking playground.

Palm tree and sky.
Now that I might have to move out of CA I find myself obsessing over the things like palm trees. I love the way the building frames the tree and sky.


lorlie6 said...

Why do you have to leave California? I'm a, too?
I love your photos, Fayme! Tell me what to call you, okay?
I adore sparrows, too, but my very favorite is the mockingbird. Up here in Bishop we don't see them often at all, we have tons and tons of crows, hawks, and for some bizarre reason, seagulls.
I grew up in LA almost 56 years ago! It was a lovely place back then-on Crenshaw Blvd...not so great these days.
Take good care and nice chatting!

lorlie6 said...

Okay, then-I just left you a long-winded comment and it has apparently been lost in cyberspace. Da*n it!
Well here I go one more time.
I love your sparrow photos, those little birds are so cool! My favorite is the Mockingbird or the California Jay. I love the songs of the MB, and I admire the crappy attitude of Bluejays. They are the a**holes of the birdworld!
Anyhoo, I'll see you later, glad we had time to get to know one another!

F. Z. Harper said...

No worries @lorlie6. I got both your comments. Most blogs have it set to moderate comments to keep the spammers and riffraff at bay.

It's my boyfriend that wants us to leave CA to save money, and our apt. complex was bought by investors, who plan to sell it to yet more investors. I love mockingbirds. I've never seen one in Anaheim though. Crenshaw sure has changed! Many areas are barely more than ghettos now.
My boyfriend is also a native CA. I was born in OK.
You can call me Fayme. That's fine.