Friday, February 19, 2010

Queen's Champion Archery on Sunday Feb. 21, 2010

We are still on for the SCA event on Sunday in Van Nuys. Unfortunately we still haven't gotten the tax certificate from the City of LA even though they said they mailed it days ago, so it looks like we are driving to L.A. today to pick up a temporary copy unless it comes in today's mail. I also found out my business cards won't be delivered by UPS until Monday. So I won't have those for the event either. but Office Depot is having a special on 500 cards for $5 with a day's turn over, so I ordered those and have to go get those today. Guy got his cards already and I love the way they turned out. We just hope it doesn't rain on Sunday. Other than that we are good to go.

My friend Liadan at an archery event long ago.

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