Monday, February 22, 2010

Photos of Queen's Champion Archery

All day it looked like it could rain any moment, but it never did. We were home safe and sound when it finally started raining about 11 PM at night. All in all it was a great day. Our friends showed up to show support and share kettle corn, archery stories, and a dinner out on the town at Sizzler's. We had so much fun we booked another event in March. Check out the photos. I was so busy having fun I never even walked to the other end of the field to take photos of the actual archery competition. Ah well, you know how it is. When you have a booth you have to stay close to it in case your services are needed.

The ground was mushy from the rain Friday night, so we couldn't drive to the booth. So we hand carried everything from the parking lot to the booth. But our friends are great and helped us schlep things back to the truck when the day was done. Enjoy the photos.

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