Friday, February 12, 2010

Archery Event Feb. 23, 2010

We are getting ready to vend at an SCA archery event  on Feb. 21, 2010. So I've been running around like the proverbial chicken. We will have arrows and bow socks, gourd drums, and whatever inventory I can get together and fill in the spaces with. It's the first event we've signed up for this year. They do require a business license from LA, and we haven't gotten that in the mail yet, so I'm a little worried it's stuck in red tape somewhere. If we don't get it in a few days we'll have to drive to LA and apply in person and I'd rather not have to do that.

And if you are in the SCA and know what the heck I'm talking about see you at Queen's Champion Archery at the Greenman Archery booth.

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