Monday, July 06, 2009

Making Quivers

Saturday and Sunday we had a fellow over learning to make arrows. He's so happy about his new archery skills. He wants to make a leather quiver next. I was discussing different kinds of quivers with my boyfriend. He's made some great ones. I said leather is heavy and if you are doing archery on a roving course, every little ounce adds up as you are climbing over hill and dale with your bow, arrows, quiver, bracer, water bottle, and other gear.

Some light weight alternatives for quivers include yucca, basket, bamboo and canvas quivers. You have to decide if you want a back quiver or a side quiver. I find side quivers much easier because they fasten on with a belt and you don't have to lift them over your head and shoulders. Also you don't sweat as much as you do with leather strapped to your back. Just remember there are a lot of alternatives. And I know leather fringe on a quiver is very popular. But leather fringe is heavy. You can add plenty of other embellishments in lieu of leather fringe, like hanging beads, coins or talismans.

red arrows yucca quiver
Yucca Quiver

mini quiver 2
Mini Quiver

Side quiver

barbara, ken, armand and julian
Leather quiver

Also, if you've never looked down inside a quiver, most of them have some padding in the bottom to protect the arrows from hitting the bottom. That can be foam, fur, or stuffing of some type. It keeps the arrows from rattling around too.

canejo 3 D shootTom_Guy
Canvas Quiver

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