Thursday, July 02, 2009

Heat Wave

I'm trying to cram all my more physical crafting between about 7 PM and midnight, because it's been so hot. I'm sure the weather for the 4th of July will be awesome here and sure to draw huge crowds to the Huntington Beach 4th of July parade. The only plans I have are to watch the Williams twins fight it out at Wimbleton, and to work on craft projects. I'm still working on my gourd drum and I want to make a rain stick. I'm trying to finish the one before I work on the other, but part of it I need my boyfriend's help with and he's only around on weekends. SO I may go ahead and just start in on the rainstick. I have to glue in a whole bunch of skewers and that's going to take some time to do. First I have to cut the gourd open and do gourd surgery.
Maybe dancing with the rainstick will bring us some rain.

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