Monday, July 13, 2009

Crocheted Scarflette/Necklace

I spent most of today making a crocheted necklace, working on a trellis scarf and sorting through random bags of yarn and projects trying to bring some order to the process. I have two other crochet blogs if you want more details on the craft of crochet. It's tedious to put links in every single post. Just know that you can find my other blogs all listed on my profile page. Many of them have only a follower or two so be sure to follow the ones that might be useful or entertaining to you.

I've noticed it's the trend now to have lots of blog give-aways and gimmicks, and reviews about endless artisans, but I am trying to veer far from that and keep my blog on track. I hope people come here to see my creations or get some tips. I don't want to dilute it with a bunch of other nonsense. Plus I want to make as much one of a kind art as I can before I die, and so many things take big chunks out of that rare creative time.

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