Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Assorted Crafts

Today was a mixed bag craftwise. I sanded my gourd fairy house getting it ready for painting or dyeing. To sand the tiny windows, I found it helpful to roll some sandpaper around a pencil and tape it on the ends.

I also started to crochet two tams today. One is pale green with little flecks of different yarn. The other one is for a custom order and is purple. So I only worked on the first one a little and then set it aside so I could work on the purple one for a customer.

I also started knitting a bikini top. I need to find the right size needles though and start over. It calls for size 10 and I don't know the size on mine but I'm guessing they are either 13 or 15. Too big. I wish the directions had specified a gauge square. I'll try again soon with the right needles.

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