Tuesday, June 09, 2009

MuuMuu Monday

I decided to make a self-portrait theme group called MuuMuu Monday. Only one problem...I'm like the only person in CA that doesn't own a muumuu. So I went to the fabric store and picked out a pattern and 3 fabrics for the muumuu. Except I'm not going to buy the pattern until it goes on sale at Joann's for .99 or $1.99. In the meantime I prewashed the fabric.

Tomorrow is TuTu Tuesday and I don't have a tutu either. And I know I have tulle around here somewhere and I'm on a budget so I didn't buy that today either. That will give me time to decide what color of tutu I want to make. And to decide what to wear with the tutu. The fabric store has about every color of tulle under the sun.

Of course I don't expect the men to wear muumuus. They can wear Hawaiian shirts or Luau attire.

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