Friday, July 25, 2008

Sometimes Etsy Chat makes me want to pull my hair out

After last night in the Etsy chatrooms I made a decision. There are three people I just can't stand to be around, so if they are in a room, I'm not staying. They are chatroom regulars. They are all known for parking in more than one room at a time too, so that means I'll either sign out of chat or make my own room. But once one of them came in my room too, so I had to bite my tongue until she went away.

The culprits:

Person #1 has made many many sales. He mainly comes in to brag about his success and offers little else to the discussion.

Person #2 He is confrontational and has a potty mouth and tries to drag the room into gutter talk and or political sniping. He usually succeeds.

Person #3 is the self-appointed Queen of Etsy. She was in a room last night critiquing the shops of others. Someone asked her who gave her the critiquer's halo. She prides herself on being 'brutally honest' and thinks she's actually helping people. What boggles my mind is people actually volunteered to be tortured by her.
Day before yesterday she came in my chatroom trying to make banners for people. We all ignored her and she eventually went away.

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