Sunday, July 13, 2008

Laguna Sawdust Festival 2008

Usually I really enjoy this event and take lots of photos of the art. But this year there were signs everywhere that said, "No photos without the artist's permission." I find two problems with this. First off, most of the booths had no one in them to ask. Second of all, I'm pretty shy, and if I'm not buying anything the last thing I want to do is take the artist away from paying customers to ask if I can take a photo. And many artists are so snippy about it, I don't want to get 'dressed down' when I do ask.

So if and when I have an art booth, I'm putting a big sign that says "Take all the photos and videos you want. Knock yourself out. Blog about me, Twitter, Pownce and Plurk about me. Copy my art because there is nothing new under the sun anyway. And the only way my legacy will carry on after I die is if my art is seen by the masses. And if you can take a photo of my booth and sell it for a million dollars, more power to you.

So my photos of the event are pretty bland. Sorry about that.

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