Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pets and Sewing do not mix perhaps

I was working on the picnic backpack project in the Threadbanger video.

A few weeks ago my Serger tension got into a mess and I hadn't needed it so I didn't fix it. So I needed it for this blanket project.

After maybe half an hour, I finally got my serger rethreaded and working properly. I was halfway through sewing 16 fabric squares together when Wallop the Cat decided he was lonely and hopped up on the sewing machine desk. Within mintues he had somehow rubbed his head on the thread spools thereby completely screwing up all my thread tension. Another half hour later I finally got it working again. Blah. Sewing. Now he's sound asleep in the gourd box next to the sewing machine.

Then I went outside to lay the blanket on the grass and take photos but the neighbor's dog Missy was doing donuts on the lawn and she was on that blanket like white on rice. Even so I didn't get her into the photos because her owner kept calling her. So that's why the blanket is all wrinkly.

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