Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I finished the picnic blanket backpack from Threadbanger

Yay all done. Now I can take it on my trip tomorrow. I need to make the straps longer. I think the size stated is fine for a teenage body with average shoulders. But the only way to find out if I could get into it was to make it. So if I do it again I'll add 3" of length to each strap. Also the tutorial is really vague on just which squares the straps go on, and the only way I ever figured it out was to pause the video and stare at the frame where the guy is wearing the backpack. When I have time I need to unfold it all again and take a photo so everyone can see where I think the straps are supposed to go. I could be wrong, but it seems to work this way.
I added two buttons to close the 'pillow' that I turned into a bag to stash goodies. My juggling balls are in there now but it could hold a journal or a sack lunch.
Now some photos.

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