Wednesday, May 14, 2008


In Feb. I opened an Etsy shop for silkscreen printing and bought the Speedball kit and then the project came to a standstill because the instructions called for 'Freezer Paper' and even though that was once a common item I couldn't find it anywhere. And then I got a mental block about the whole project so the box has been sitting in my living room since Feb. Then today in a Threadbanger video they showed how to make the stencil using contact paper. And all this time I've had a roll of marbled contact paper squirreled away in my coat closet. I can't believe I remembered that. So I immediately got it out and cut a stencil and put the wooden frame together for the kit. I was all ready to go when it got dark and I realized I had lots of other things to do in the next hour before my bf got home. So I put everything away and I hope I get to use the screen tomorrow.

Threadbanger called for clear contact paper but I just used what I had. So tomorrow we will see if it comes out the way I envisioned it.

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