Friday, May 02, 2008

Beaded Mobile

Once upon a time there was a beading contest and I in my infinite wisdom decided to make a beaded mobile. Half way into it I realized I'd never finish in time for the contest and the poor thing got abandoned hanging in the shower of the guest bathroom looking all cockamamie. Months went by. Finally today I tell myself I can whip that together in no time. Five hours later I was done. It is now hanging over my head literally instead of metaphorically. I now have so many hours invested in it that I can't sell it for less than $200, and who is going to pay that? So I guess it's now in my permanent collection where most of my creations reside.

If however you want to tackle such a beast, it is a great use for all those one of a kind earrings you made and all those pendants you bought here and there hoping to make into necklaces someday.

What saved me was the wire coils around the bamboo which act as both balancers and spacers.

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Great stuff............