Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting Ready For the Pow-wow

I am dealing with a mountain of unfinished projects. Ever since I joined Burning House Art Gallery, I'm making pots faster than I can keep up. Right now everything is trimmed and in drying mode. That's only because I didn't throw any new pots yesterday.  I did make a plaque with a roadrunner carved into it and some ankh beads yesterday. I put a handle on the pitcher and trimmed another bottle. By the time I cleaned up the mess from that, it was time to go home. How can 4 hours  pass so quickly?

I didn't even knit at the knitting meeting. I worked on origami.  I wanted to send cards today so I wrote my two cards, made 3 origami cranes and then it was time to grab dinner before pottery. I had so many errands to run yesterday that by the time I got to the knitting thing, I was too tired to knit.

I got some odd balls of yarn at the thrift store to use in my Abandoned Art give-away stick weavings. It's the perfect use for small bits of yarn.

All the photos I took yesterday are still on my camera somewhere. I think I left it in the back of the car, but my boyfriend needed to drive that car to work today, so I'm pretty sure my camera went with him.

From here on out I'm dropping everything except the projects I need to finish for the Pow-wow in Lucerne Valley, CA on Sat. Oct. 4 and Sun. Oct 5, 2014. I can resume the other projects after the Pow-wow. If you are a local it will be at Pioneer Park this time. If you are not local, it's not a huge event. I personally wouldn't drive 300 miles to be there, unless your family is dancing there or something. Even worse there is a similar event in Apply Valley/Victorville area the same weekend. I wish they'd coordinate and have similar events on different weekends.

The medicine pouch necklaces I'm knitting for the Pow-wow.

Using circular needles to knit pouches.

The pitcher I put a handle onto last night.

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