Monday, October 24, 2011

Hand Built Pottery

I spent an awesome day today hand building pottery.  Yesterday at Agincourt I got to do some illumination and I was enjoying the little ceramic containers on the tables.  They are for water, brushes, pens, and paper weights to keep our lovely papers from blowing away in the wind.  Someone was selling pottery for cheap to raise money for the thrown weapons group. So I bought a cool vase.  All that made me crave to be making pots again. So I sat down today and made some pinch pots and coil pots with my very own hands. My friends acquired a kiln but they haven't used it yet. Hopefully they'll catch the pottery bug too and make some pots and we can fire them all. I loved having my hands in clay again. I'll post photos of them tomorrow.  For now you can see the illumination I was working on yesterday. I only did the painting on it. It was pre-printed on the card stock.

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